• 1 QCC= $0.6
  • BTC/USD= $7321.60000
  • LTC/USD= $117.61000

What is Qcore (QCC)?

QCORE is changing Automated Cryptocurrency Trading as we know it. We have been participating in market analysis for the past 3 years. We believe that the future of all trading will be 100% automated. We have been creating and testing our own advanced automated algorithms and have created what we believe is the BEST Automated Trading software.

We have created something entirely unique. QCORE is not only a 100% Automated Cryptocurrency Trading software, but it is also fueled on our Unique and Innovative Algorithms. We realize that the impact we make here can and will change the future of Automated Trading.

Qcore ICO Crowdsale

Maximum Supply: 24,000,000 Qcore ICO Crowdsale: 10,000,000 Qcore Initial Price: $0.20-$1.00 (USD)

Notice: All unsold and unallocated coins will bе destroyed and additional release оf coins will not be possible.

Important: Due to the uncertain regulatory landscape in the United States, we unfortunately do not offer our services to US citizens at this time. PLEASE NOTE THAT U.S. PERSONS MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE ICO. IF YOU ARE A NON-U.S. PURCHASER, YOU MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES AT THE TIME OF THE PURCHASE.


ICO Crowdsale

10 million coins will be distributed during ICO (in 5 phases).

The Qcore ICO crowdsale will 5 rounds. If all Qcore coins in a round gets sold out, we will move on to the next directly, but at a higher price.

$0.2  STAGE 1
  • 72471.3 QCC
  • Upcoming
$0.6  STAGE 3
  • 333000 QCC
  • Current Stage
$0.8  STAGE 4
  • 2000000 QCC
  • Upcoming
$1  STAGE 5
  • 1000000 QCC
  • Upcoming

How to participate in the ICO?


Sign up for free - it takes less than a minute. We don't ask for any personal information.



Transfer funds to your deposit address on the dashboard. You can withdraw your balance instantly at any time.



When the ICO is Live - you simply enter the amount of Qcore you want to buy and press "Buy now".



Share your referral link with your friends and community to earn more Qcore or bitcoins.



Blockchain Technology

We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology, for secure and transparent transactions.

Lightning-fast Transactions

Send and receive payments anywhere in the world ultra-fast and cheap.

Limited Supply

There will only be a maximum supply of 24 million coins. This will ensure the scarcity of coins.


The origin of the transaction is completely anonymous unless the owner would want to reveal their identity.

Connected to the largest trading crypto platforms, already

Qcore is connected via its API to the largest and reputable trading crypto platforms, like Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Poloniex. These are advanced exchanges for professional traders and investors.

Beside our pure trading profits - by providing liquidity and matching orders, we are increasing market efficiency and connecting crypto markets. These profits we share with you.

What can I do with Qcore?


You can be as simple as just holding on to your QCC and earn money passively on the growth of the Coin.


Staking liquidity to our Staking pool and earn an interest based on your investment option. The interest is paid daily, and can be tracked in the dashboard.


Our mining pool planned to be released in June 2018. Then you can start to mine fresh Qcore.


You will be able to trade BTC, Qcore and Litecoin in our state-of-the-art internal exchange That is launching directly after the ICO ends.

Qcore staking

This option involves profiting from Qcore's stakable coin. You stake liquidity to our staking pool and receive daily interest based on staking amount and period.

You can track the performance daily on the dashboard or in your desktop wallet. Upon staking, you will be able to cancel the staking at any given time, without any penalty, to give you the controll over your funds.

10 - 100 coins Daily staking Performance* + 0.05%
100 - 1.000 coins Daily staking Performance* + 0.10%
1.000 - 5,000 coins Daily staking Performance* + 0.12%
5,000+ coins Daily staking Performance* + 0.15%
LONG TIME STAKING PRIVILEGES 40+ days + 0.03% 80+ days + 0.06% 140+ days + 0.10%

Qcore's External trading

This option involves profiting from Qcore's automated trading bot, which is connected through exchange API.

Users will, for the first time in Cryptocurrency history you will have the option to link your Qcore account with an exchange, which you can run our own AI on.

This means that you've 100% controll over your funds and noone can run away with your hard earned money.

Users that will use this option will be required to pay a monthly fee (Paid in QCC) in order to be able to use this feature.

1 Month(s) +Price Limit 0.2 BTC $100 Limit 0.5 BTC $200 Limit 1 BTC $400 Limit 2 BTC $600 Limit 4 BTC $1000 Limit 6 BTC $1500 Limit 10 BTC $2000
3 Month(s) +Price Limit 0.2 BTC $250 Limit 0.5 BTC $400 Limit 1 BTC $800 Limit 2 BTC $1500 Limit 4 BTC $2000 Limit 6 BTC $2500 Limit 10 BTC $3000
6 Month(s) +Price Limit 0.2 BTC $400 Limit 0.5 BTC $800 Limit 1 BTC $1500 Limit 2 BTC $2300 Limit 4 BTC $3000 Limit 6 BTC $3400 Limit 10 BTC $3700
12 Month(s) +Price Limit 0.2 BTC $650 Limit 0.5 BTC $1250 Limit 1 BTC $2300 Limit 2 BTC $2800 Limit 4 BTC $3400 Limit 6 BTC $3800 Limit 10 BTC $4200

Affiliate Program

This option involves profiting from Qcore staking program. You stake liquidity to our staking pool and receive daily interest based on their performance and your investment option.

You can track the performance daily on the dashboard. Upon investment you've full controll over your coins since you'll stake them in the web wallet or the actuall windows wallet.

We've chosen to only have one level of affiliation, also this is only throughout the Ico phase.

Ico 10%

High-volume Partners

If you are a promoter, YouTuber or someone that can send a lot of clients (or high net-worth clients) we can offer you better partner commissions. Please contact us by email at support@Qcore.io or by the contact form in the dashboard to apply. All applications will be reviewed within 24 hours.


Technical Specifications

* PoS Minimum Staking Time is 24 hours. PoS Maximum Staking Time is Unlimited*

Name Qcore
Symbol Qcore
Type PoW/PoS Blockchain
PoW Algorithm X11
Block Time 90 seconds
PoS Minimum Staking Time 24 hours
PoS Maximum Staking Time Unlimited
PoW Block Reward 15 Coins
Coin base Maturity 25 Blocks
Maximum Block Size 4 MB
Max Supply 24,000,000 Qcore
Coins Pre-mined 11,000,000 Qcore

Why Qcore?


With Qcore you are making money regardless if Bitcoin or the whole cryptocurrency market is trending up or down. Hedge yourself.


Advanced encryption technology and cold storage - your funds are safe with us.


Qcore is led by a team of experienced quants, traders and programmers with backgrounds in investment banking, blockchain, AI and fintech.

Short Term Roadmap

These are projected future price targets based on future development of the project. This is also just the short-term Roadmap, bigger one will be released shortly.

June-July 2018$12+

  • GPU Mining release
  • Listing on Two External Exchanges
  • Block Explorer
  • First phase of buyback plan starts

July-August 2018$18+

  • Listing on Binance and HitBTC, Coinmarketcap.io
  • Second phase of buyback plan starts
  • Listing on several more major exchanges

August-September 2018$25+

  • Improve Web-Interface
  • Further growth in coin Value by heavy marketing
  • Amazon Giftcards through Qcore.io

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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